Lou Potter Makes Billboard- Dawson Creek...

The April 9 Billboard Indicator Chart, which ranks U.S. Top 40 airplay.   Photograph By Supplied     Cindy Lou Potter was living in a construction camp north of Fort St. John when she got the call from her radio promoter. She'd made Billboard.  Last month, Potter's single "Tragic" debuted on Billboard's Mainstream... Read More

Lou Potter -Playing JULY 23rd at A FanFic...

Lou Potter is singing her hot new single TRAGIC and others at A FanFic Rock-Opera Film of ABC's 'Once Upon A Time.' COMIC CON Event in San Diego.    http://www.onceuponatimespoof.com     Tickets now on sale: www.indietix.net! Twitter/Instagram: @OUATspoof • #ONCEUponAWine Pod

Dawson Creek singer makes Billboard...

Dawson Creek singer makes Billboard charts  Last month, Potter's single "Tragic" debuted on Billboard's Mainstream Indicator Chart—one step before the Top 40. - See more at: http://www.dawsoncreekmirror.ca/arts-entertainment/dawson-creek-singer-makes-billboard-charts-1.2220712#sthash.N8YzRmME.dpuf She'd made Billboard.  Last month, Potter's... Read More

Lou Potter's TRAGIC broke Billboard top...

“Tragic” Lou Potter's hot new single has been grabbing attention in the United States 2016, short after Taylor Swift at top 36 on Billboard’s Indicator chart by airplay on radio stations in California and across the United States. While stations in Canada have also aired "Tragic", the USA is really taking to the song. The music video was also filmed in California... Read More

Lou Potter Wins Weekly Superxtar 2016

Lou Potter Wins Weekly Superxtar 2016 "One world, one singing contest" sponsored by VRTUO check it out a www.superxtar.com  

Lou's Entertainment Background

LOU POTTER       Height: 5' 4" / 162 cm Weight: 112 lbs Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Green Chest/Bust: 32 B Waist: 24 Hips: 32 Acting Television/Videos 2015 - Music video “Not This Time"-Lead  2014 - Music video “Tiny Diamond” - Lou Potter - Lead 2013 - Music video “Tunnel” - Lou Potter -... Read More

Why should you chase your dreams?

Why you should chase your dreams??? FALL OUT BOY LYRICS- "Save Rock And Roll" (feat. Elton John), You are what you love, Not who loves you! To me that means who cares about Facebook likes, popularity and things you cant technically control. The things you can control such as what drives you aka “what you love” that is who you really are,... Read More

Lou Potter Live At Farewell to summer...

8-bands!! Friday night open mic, bouncy castles, face painters, slip n slide beer gardens, and a lot more....and of course...even a Sunday pancake breakfast fundraiser.  20$/person tickets in advance call 250-263-2161 or 250-329-6578 there will be lots of room for camping at big bam ago hill 20$/night. there will be shuttles from safeway parking lot to hill as well from peace island sites... Read More

Brand New Single July 2015- Not This Time

Check out the brand new music video and single "Not This Time" written by Lou Potter, Jeff Dawson and Doug Naugler. This song is about the value of friendship and the inspiration to keep going even when things get tough. The music video was produced by C.I.A based out of Grande Prairie Canada. Edited by Michael Ryan from Archetype Pictures out of L.A. Featuring Amanda Syryda from Hip... Read More

Brand new 2015 release "Cant Keep My...

Lou Potter’s first 2015 single "Can’t Keep My Clothes On Around You" was actually written in 2009 with Doug Naugler. This catchy tune with samples of Motown sounds and cleaver sexy lyrics really show cases Lou's talents with the more adult contemporary pop genre. Lou brought the track to the talented Jeff Dawson’s attention and together they tweaked the... Read More

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her full story!

  • I love to sing in the shower. I don't care who is listening! The hot steam on my vocal cords is priceless.
  • I play ice hockey and I love it !
  • My idol artist? Hands down - Alicia Keys.
  • I am obsessed with the Green Tea latte- skinny please!
  • Best advice I ever received was "Don't worry, you will never leave you"
  • Yup, I've been to the Playboy Mansion.
  • I have a construction worker background
  • I always save bugs. I never kill them. Even if its a spider or a wasp, set them free !
  • I find myself always wanting to help girls & women. I'm an advocate for gender equality.
  • The music studio is my happy place.
  • Tragic

    Written by Lou Potter, Jeff Dawson and Doug Naugler
    Produced by, Jeff Dawson
    Copyrights to Cindy Lou Music Enterprises
    Purchase Album on iTunes
  • Tiny Diamond Feat. Stef Lang Lou Potter

    Tiny Diamond written by Lou Potter, Stef Lang and Jeff Dawson
    Produced by Jeff Dawson Copyrights of Cindy Lou Music Enterprises
    2 Tiny Diamond Lou Potter Feat. Stef Lang (RMX by dj hymn) Download on iTunes
    Purchase Album on iTunes
  • Tunnel

    Written by Lou Potter, Jeff Dawson and Laurell Barker
    Produced by, Jeff Dawson
    Copyrights to Cindy Lou Music Enterprises
    Purchase Album on iTunes
  • LOU

    Songwriters: Cindy Lou Potter (Lou Potter), Jeff Dawson, Stef Lang, Laurell Barker, Mike James, Doug Naugler
    Producer: Jeff Dawson
    Lou Potter (Copyright 2014)
    1 Tragic Download on iTunes
    2 Tiny Diamond ft. Stef Lang Download on iTunes
    3 Sux 2 B U (unreleased)
    4 Alive (unreleased)
    5 Tunnel Download on iTunes
    6 Chugga Choo (unreleased)
    7 Not This Time Download on iTunes
    8 Can't Keep My Clothes On Around You (2015 RELEASE) Download on iTunes

    Songwriters: Cindy Lou Potter, Doug Naugler
    Producer: Doug Naugler
    Cindy Lou Potter (Copyright 2012)
    1 Such An Assh*le Download on iTunes
    2 Predator Download on iTunes
    3 Fallin Out Of Love Download on iTunes
  • CINDY LOU (DEMO 2011)

    Songwriters: Cindy Lou Potter (aka Lou Potter), Doug Naugler
    Producer: Doug Naugler
    Cindy Lou Potter (Copyright 2011)
    1 I Can't Keep My Clothes On Around You (2011) Download on iTunes
    2 Dirty Little Secret (2011) Download on iTunes
    3 Lose Yourself Tonight (2011) Download on iTunes

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